Results From Radical Poetics (posted late)


The Goal of this exercise was to cut and paste two random pages from two different novels and create a pattern. Our Professor’s guest chose Anne La Puceile’s, Heretic and Dylan Thomas’, Skin Trade.


FullSizeRender-5My Pattern.

FullSizeRender-8 This is how much fine I’m having.

FullSizeRender-9 Our work room.


My poem:

The Skin Arc

From classical authors to flesh
"The rights," I said. From classical authors to flesh
A plump blonde girl. According to the conscious even that duty is note worthy heeled shoes. The heels click. The apparitions, Leslie whistled after her, open.
Not to give them any physical. 
"Business first," I said. 
The siege of Orleans. 
"Oh, boy!" Leslie said. 
And she's too fat.
Who fought along side Joan.
Knew her better than most. 
"One and a penny."
"What'll it be then?" 
The more that she had a vision in God for safety, we walked towards the Saint of France.
Smacked by lamplight, seeing trial Saints Michael and Catherine. Street-wash of the tower, balls of fur hearing the sneeze. A ship hoots life. A fog. Joan adapted her counsel which dates from before, 
right on the dot.
Berry smelling of wet rabbits, self and Scottish auxiliary soldiers in the soles squelched.

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